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Margie K. Tovrea writing as
Kristie Leigh Maguire

Kristie Leigh Maguire and her husband have lived all over the United States and many foreign countries while following his career. While living in Japan, she found it very difficult to find books to read that were written in English. This situation was intolerable as she was an avid reader and had been known to resort to reading cereal boxes if nothing else was available. Have you ever tried to read a cereal box written in Japanese? It was not a pretty picture. Ms. Maguire began writing her own books just to have something to read. She discovered a new passion in writing; thus her career as a romance novelist was born.

Ms. Maguire had read romance novels since her early years. When she first began her writing career, she tried to pattern her writing after some of her favorite romance authors. This did not work for her. She soon discovered that she had her own voice and style of writing. She wanted to take romance 'beyond the kiss without crossing that shadowy line of taboo into pornography'. She wanted to tell a good love story which included sex but told sensuously and with emotion. She wanted the characters to be everyday ordinary people and not some impossible hero or heroine who could only be real in the pages of a romance novel. The result? Desert Triangle - the first novel in the ultra-sensual trilogy, The Marcie Series. Ms. Maguire is currently working on Cabin Fever, the second book in the series. Southern Charm Press schedules Desert Triangle for release in July 2002 and will also be publishing the rest of the books in The Marcie Series.

Although the romance genre is Ms. Maguires first love, she also writes in other genres. Her first entry into Mainstream Fiction is her novel Emails from the Edge (The Life of an Expatriate Wife) published by PageFree Publishing and released in December 2001. Another of her novels in the Mainstream Fiction category is No Lady and Her Tramp co-authored with Mark Haeuser and scheduled for release with Southern Charm Press in January 2004.

Ms. Maguires stories The Land of the Rising Sun and Christmas in a Foreign Land are included in the anthology Calliopes Mousepad: Women Writers Online edited by Sarah Mankowski of WordThunder.com and released by iUniverse in December 2001. Her story Soul Mates and Lovers is included in the anthology Romancing the Soul: True Soul Mate Stories From Around the World and Beyond edited by Dorothy Thompson of A Writers Life.com and scheduled for release in the spring of 2002.

Ms. Maguire is the founder of NUW (Not the Usual Way) Independent Authors Community, an online international community. She began NUW in January 2001 as a place of networking and support for authors who are published by Print on Demand, E-Book, self published or published by small press traditional publishers. Ms. Maguire is also the Romance Editor at MyShelf.com and Staff Reviewer for Bridges Magazine.

Although Ms. Maguire is originally from the South and will always remain Southern at heart, she now resides in a small town in Nevada in between international assignments with her husband. During her expatriate years, she has lived in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Aruba, Thailand, Japan and three times in Saudi Arabia.

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Kristie Leigh Maguire


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